Why Effective Leaders Never Play It Safe

February 11, 2019

Change agents can become leaders but hey must embrace the fear that goes with the role and look for key moments to lead.


How to Reach Customers with Engaged Communities

January 27, 2019

Pardon the headline - this article is about online communities and why companies need to develop them in support of their brands. Not if, but when.

The transcript can be found here.


Why Your Business Needs a Mature Relationship to Standards

January 13, 2019

What happens when there is a mismatch between your current practices and the standards around you? In this recording of my Jamaica Gleaner column, I suggest some positive ways to respond.


How your business can sell a transformation

December 30, 2018

Most companies rely on completing transactions, without an idea of how they provide transformational value to their customers. This column describes a different approach that alters the buyer-seller relationship.

The original article can be found here.


How to Gamify Employee Engagement

December 21, 2018

This is quite a different take on the topic of employee engagement. If each corporate culture is different, how does one learn from the example of other firms which have empowering cultures? In this article, I answer that question.


Moving Towards a Productive and Positive Employee Experience - CTO 2018 HR Conference

December 3, 2018

On November 29, 2018 I spoke at the CTO HR Conference in Cayman. This recording of my interactive session is accompanied by the slides which were presented at the conference. They are available at the following link: http://goo.gl/RRQoqt

P.S. I just read an interesting article written by a hotel manager on the topic of employee engagement and Millennials: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/least-engaged-generation-jeremy-mccarthy/


Key Strategic Skills Managers Must Master to Become Executives

November 19, 2018

In our work we have discovered that managers have a challenge learning strategic planning skills. Here are the ones they need to focus on learning as early as possible - long before they are promoted.


The High Cost of Low Turnover - Discussion

November 4, 2018

How to Avoid the Exorbitant Cost of Low Turnover

In most Jamaican companies, there’s an unquestioned assumption that long staff tenure is an indicator of strong company loyalty. Maybe it’s not. I suggest that as the economy grows it may reveal a deeper truth: these benefits occur with a high price tag.

Tune in as I discuss my column in the Jamaica Gleaner dated November 3, 2018. It's one which flies in the face of many popular assumptions.

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 exorbitant cost of high turnover


Meetingless Meetings

November 2, 2018

The original article was published here.

What should executives do about their strategy execution problems? Here’s a simple idea: schedule time to execute strategy with Meetingless Meetings.